Mountain Jiri


  • Address: Mountain 100 Chuseong-ri, Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do


Jirisan has been believed to have Korean people's vigor and spirit being one of 3 mountains of God with Geumgangsan and Hallasan . The mountain's name, 'Jirisan' was named with meaning 'even a fool becomes a wise man.' Or, it is referred as 'Du Ryu' meaning the origin of ‘Baekdusan'. In the Buddhist society, the mountain is called as 'Bangjangsan' as the mountain brings enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
Jirisan Mountain runs through many counties including Hamyang (Gyeongsangnam-do), Sancheong, Hadong, Guryegu (Jeollanam-do) and Namwon City (Jeollabuk-do) with 45km length between Cheonwangbong Peak and Nogodan and 700 km boundary around its area. The mountain is home of many wild animals in the peninsula including Korean local bears and many endangered animals.

Scenery 10 of Mt.Jiri

  • Cheonwangbong Peak's Sunrise
    Cheonwangbong Peak's Sunrise
    The sunrise scene at the top of 1,915 meters high Cheonwangbong Peak is the fascinating panorama view along with a magnificently wide cloud ocean on the endless sky with full of indescribable colors radiated by the sun rising. The peak's sunrise scene is famous in Korean history.
  •  Autumn leaves in Piagol
    Autumn leaves in Piagol
    From the middle of October, the valley, Piagol is painted over by many leaves, not as strong as the ones in Seoraksan Mountain, but delicate and soft so the colors produce an overwhelming breath taking atmosphere. The valley, in autumn, is often called “The Place of 3 Reds”. The mountains, water and people are red during the autumn season.
  • Nogodan's Cloud Ocean
    Nogodan's Cloud Ocean
    Nogodan, the highest peak on the west side of the main ridge of the Jirisan Mountain , which shows a magnificent fog under the visitors' feet. The fog formed on the south side of the peninsula near the Pacific Ocean and the Seomjingang River comes to the mountains and surrounds Nogodan's Mountain body producing unrealistic scenes such as one might see in Heaven. Around the peak, Nogodan, there are many beautiful flowers including rhododendron and azaleas.
  • Banyabong Peak's Sunset
    Banyabong Peak's Sunset
    At the top of Banyabong Peak, every day the Sunset produces brilliant golden rays coloring the whole sky. Banyabong Peak is a distant peak from the main ridge of the mountains. Therefore, the calmness from isolation and the full colored scene makes a very unique combination bringing a moment to viewers to think about themselves in a moment of silence and beauty.
  • Byeoksoryeong's Full Moon
    Byeoksoryeong's Full Moon
    The full Moon rising above Byeoksoryeong located right in the middle of the main ridge of Jirisan Mountain is as pale and blue as it can be. Being away from all humanity, the old dead trees in unusual shapes along with rich forest surroundings, Byeoksoryeong will show viewers an incomparable experience of the Moon with countless stars and milkyways closer than ever to be able to see with one’s own eyes.
  • Azalea Blossoms of Seseokpyeongjeon
    Azalea Blossoms of Seseokpyeongjeon
    Every year, from the end of May to the beginning of June, several acres of the Seseok highland is colored with azalea blossoms with pale pink. The unique highland view filled with several hundreds of thousand of azalea trees along with occasional pheasants sound brings in great beauty of nature.
  • Buril waterfall
    Buril waterfall
    At the narrow valley, 3 km behind Ssanggyesa (Temple), the Buddhist temple, there is 60 m high waterfall having Cheonghakbong and Baekhakbong Peak on its left providing a spectacular view in the middle of the mountains. The waterfall has 2 levels: the top level is a waterfall that sprays out everywhere and is gathered up again at the 2nd level, then falls downward again.
  • Yeonhaseongyeong
    In Yeonghabong Peak, the mountain located between Seseokgowon and Jangteomok has a magnificent view made with high stone walls and many beautiful flowers, plants and dead trees. From time to time, a large group of clouds hover over Hanshingyegok (Valley) and enhance the view with the ravishing natural elements.
  • Chilseongyegok (Valley)
    Chilseongyegok (Valley)
    Chilseongyegok (Valley) is the largest valley with the mythical story as the place where seven beautiful angels bathe. Meanwhile, the heavy forest is surrounded by clean water streams and makes a deep pond that reaches the waterfall completing its spectacle view.
  • 010 Seomjinchungryu
    Seomjingang River originated in Jinan Mountain and Jangsu area in Jeollabuk-do and runs through rich plains and around mountains to reach the South Sea. When the river runs around Jiri’s southwestern side of the mountain, the combination of the great mountain view and the river with white sand river side gives an unmatched scene of beauty.