Military Government Policy and Objectives

Governance Slogan

Strong Leap Forward! Opening a New Door to the Future Together for Hamyang

This slogan represents the new determination and will to overcome the crisis of local extinction and to work with the residents of Hamyang through communication and integrity to build a Hamyang that is just and equal for everyone.

Governance Methods

01 Fair and Communicative Administration, 02 Sustainable, Future-Oriented Agriculture, 03 Generational Empathy, Hopeful Welfare, 04 Energetic Economy with Vision, 05 Dynamic, Cultural Tourism

Fair and Communicative Administration

Establish a trustworthy and communicative administration that genuinely serves the citizens. Adhere to the principles of kindness, promptness, and accuracy in administrative processes. Implement a fair and unbiased civil service system that everyone can relate to.

Sustainable, Future-Oriented Agriculture

Strengthen the agricultural foundation by improving the distribution structure and solving labor shortages. Support stable settlement for those who have moved out of the city and come to a rural area to live a rural life or start farming. Promote key agricultural crops and innovative practices such as smart farming, therapeutic agriculture, and eco-friendly, low-carbon farming.

Generational Empathy, Hopeful Welfare

Establish a welfare system that can be customized for various demographics including the elderly, people with disabilities, women, and children. Create a healthy childcare environment to ensure the well-being of all.

Energetic Economy with Vision

Attract investment from outstanding companies by leveraging efficient transportation conditions. Invigorate the economy through the promotion of platform companies and young adults’ entrepreneurship, creating high-quality jobs. Invigorate local economy by increasing floating population and revitalizing street markets.

Dynamic, Cultural Tourism

Discover and cultivate excellent natural, historical and cultural tourism resources. Establish a foundation for soft eco-tourism promoting long-stay tourism, leisure activities and natural healing. Cultivate a unique cultural tourism sector with rich cultural content.