Wood-cultivated Ginseng

Wood-cultivated Ginseng

Wood-cultivated Ginseng

We Do Our Best with Determination to Protect Our Families. Resurrection of a Thousand Year’s Mystery. Re-capturing the Value of Goryeo Wild Ginseng!

What is Wood-Cultivated Ginseng?

Wood-Cultivated Ginseng is a ginseng grown after planting its seed in a high mountain between 700 and 800 meters of height. The only difference from a wild ginseng is that a wild ginseng's seed is planted by a bird discharging droppings while Wood-Cultivate Ginseng is planted by human hands. Wood-Cultivate Ginseng is often called Wild-Grown Ginseng.

Hamyang Wild Ginseng's History

  1. 1The largest Wild Ginseng country during Korea's 3-Country Era was South Deogyusan Mountain area currently addressed in Seosang-myeon, Hamyang-gun, the border between Silla and Baekje Nations.
    • Many Wild Ginsengs were collected and exported to China. Even today it is still traditional that ginseng diggers' huts and ritual places are for mountain spirits. Hamyang Wood-Cultivated Ginseng=Goryeo Wild Ginseng's Leading Brand
  2. 2The places which China's Qin Shihuang sent his subordinate Seobok to find the elixir plant are Seoam-dong and Sambongsan Mountain in Macheon-myeon and Seoraebong Peak in Seoha-myeon, Hamyang-gun. After reaching the South beach of Korean Peninsula, Seobok entered the Jirisan Mountain area in Hamyang via Seoshicheon in Gurye to find Wild Ginsengs. Jirisan Cheonwangbong Peak is 1,915meters (Mountain 100 Chuseong-ri, Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun)
  3. 3From the ancient era, since many wild ginsengs have been growing in Hamyang, the most of ginseng diggers come to this area. Still, there are many ginseng diggers' huts that are left in the deep part of the mountains.

The Difference in the Hamyang wood-cultivated ginseng grown with the cleanest air, in addition to the water and soil.

  • Hamyang Wood-Cultivated Ginseng's Effectiveness - Taking the Great Mountain's Energy.
  • Excellent Pharmacological effects: Grown in high mountain area on rich Germanium soil. Especially a large contained amount of Organic Germanium and very highly effective anti-cancer substance, Compound K
  • Cancer, Immune System Enhancement, Blood Sugar Reduction (Diabetes), Flu Prevention, Energy Recovery, Energy Enhancement, Liver Function Enhancement and etc.