Korean Traditional House Experience

Korean Traditional House Experience
An opportunity is provided to visitors to experience daily lives in Korean traditional houses to emphasize as new tourism resource along with local cultural places as a part of Hamyang-gun's promotion to be revisited.
Improvement of local residents' community spirit and cooperation through participation of the event.

Event Outline

  • Period : Once per Each Winter (for 2 Nights and 3 Days)
  • Place : Gaepyeong Village, Jigok-myeon
  • Hosted By : Hamyang-gun (Supervision: Gaepyeong Village Council)
  • Visitor : 65 Persons (50 persons from Korean Traditional House Cultural Center and 15 students from Jigok Elementary School)
  • Suppor t: Korean Traditional House Cultural Center (Director: Shin, Young-hun, located in Seoul)

Event Program

  • Traditional Food Cooking
  • Book Making using Wood Printing Blocks
  • Understanding of Korean Traditional House and Korean Culture. Local Village Tour
  • Seasonal Custom Play (Moon-House Firing)
  • Visiting Famous Places (Sanglim Park & Namgyeseowon(Confucian School))

Promotion Measure

  • Experiencing Activity Environment Establishment: Gyepyeong Village, Hamyang-gun
  • Student Gathering and Activity Guide: Korean Traditional House Cultural Center