Haksaru Zelkova Tree, Hamyang

Haksaru Zelkova Tree, Hamyang


  • Location: in Hamyang Elemenatry School of Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Selection No.: Natural Monument No. 407
  • Era: Unknown


This zelkova tree was planted in front of Haksaru located in a inn when at the Joseon the founder of Yeongnam School, Jeompiljae Kim Jongjik was serving as Hyeongam of Hamyang (1471 - 1475). This tree is presumed about 500 year old, the height is 21m, and the girth is 8.3m. Haksaru is a place that Goun Choe Chiwon of the Silla went up often. In 1692 (King Sukjong 18th year) this was rebuilt, after that had some reconstruction. And this was used as Heunghakjae and Hamduk School. In 1979 this moved into now the office of Gun. The Beginning of Muosahwa, the tablet of Haksaru and the trace of Hamyang Eupseong disappear, but the soaring head part of zelkova tree and the widely unfurling branch like umbrella are telling the history of the old day. Muosahwa and Haksaru a scholar of Seongrihak and the founder of Yeongnam School, Kim Jongjik proceeded into Gunsu of this. One day, going up Haksaru, he saw a poem tablet of provincial governor, Yu Jikwang at that time. He said that “what for, is a tablet of the world hanging up in Haksaru, right now remove it”. And the tablet was removed. Because of this incident, two had a strong feeling each other. After that two were all recommended by nation. And their emotion was stronger. In the end this became the cause starting Muosahwa.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

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