Heo Sam Dul's Residential House, Hamyang

Heo Sam Dul's Residential House, Hamyang


  • Location: at the east of Anui Elementary School of Anui-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Selection No.: Important Folk Material No. 207
  • Era: Modern Era (1918)


This house is built, when Heo Samdul of the rich, Heos in Jinyang married into Toho Yun Daeheung. Specially, the structure of Anchae is unique. Breaking from the phases of that time, it is composed of the women centric space arrangement. Namely, as for the entry going into kitchen, it is peculiar to open Jeontoe and set on the soil, is important as academic data. Anchae is the shape of “ㄱ”. It is not the general shape of “ㄱ” but the doubling shape over a leaf in the folded part. It is made up of the frontal 3 rooms in south and the frontal 4 rooms in east. Once coming into kitchen, it’ s like a pentagonal shape breaking the edge of the folding part. In the middle of it is standing just two poles and then the space shows widely. Sarangchae is the shape of “ㄱ” and is consisted of the frontal 7 rooms to the east and also is a room in south. Although there is Jeontoe, Nugak with a rail is located in high. In addition, there are Anchae (207-1), Sarangchae (207-2), Bakkathengrangchae, Ahhengrangchae, Daemunganchae, Gokganchae. They build up a coffin.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

Kwangpungru (Pavilion) (0.5km), Nongwoljeong (Pavilion) (4km), Yongchugyegok (Valley) (4km)