Namgyeseowon(Confucian School)

Namgyeseowon (Confucian School)


  • Location: 586-1 Wonpyeong-ri, Sudong-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Selection No.: Historical Landmark No. 499
  • Era: Joseon Dynasty


Namgyeseowon (Confucian School) was established by Gaeam Gangik for the memorial of Munheongong, Il Dujeong, Yeochang in 1552 as the second Seowon(Confucian School) following the first, Baegun-Dong Seowon (akasosu Seowon) established in 1543 by Ju Se Bung for memorial of Munseonggong Anhyang, and become Saaekseowon (Confucian School) in 1566.

The Seowon (Confucian School) was ruined by fire during Japanese invasion in 1597, and moved to Na Chon. But, in 1617, the Seowon was re-established in the original place.

In 1677, Mungangong, Sir Donggye, Jeong On was enshrined at the West side. And, in 1689, Sir Gaeam, Gangik was enshrined at the East side of the Seowon. And, Noegye, Yu Hoin and Songtan, Jeong Hongseo were enshrined in the annex. In 1868, the annex was disposed. The Seowon has the library, Jang Pangak preserving many books and literatures of Confucianism. Also, 3 buildings for shrines and 5 buildings for lecturing spaces are located in the Seowon. The site is located on fast slope land in the building-front and grave-back formation in the straight position. In front of one of the lecturing space, Dongjae, a pond is established while the roofed monument structure and the monument are installed in front of the room next to Dongjae.

The entrance of the Seowon, Pung Yeongru has 3 rooms in the front, and two rooms at the side with octagon shaped roof. Also, the building has a wide balcony stretched from the second floor enclosed with rooster curved hand rails to enhance the beauty of the architecture.