Il Du Residential House, Hamyang

Il Du Residential House, Hamyang


Gaepyeong Village, Jigok-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Selection No.

Important Folk Material No. 186


Early Joseon Dynasty


This is the old house of Munhyeongong Ildu Jeong Yeochang, one of 5 sages in the Joseon Dynasty. This house was reconstructed after a century from the time he passed away. The plot of about 3,000 pyeong is made up of well-partitioned 12 houses (17 houses at first). This is a representative old house of Yangban in Namdo area. The rising gate, hanging up 5 letters of Chung, Hyo, Jeongryeo, Pyeonaek, is attracting an attention. Once entering the gate and going straight, there is Ilgakmun linked Anchae and if having a tilt to northeast, Sarangchae appears. Sarangchae is Jeonchul structure of “ㄱ” shape, hanging up Naeru in front side. Naeru is briefly, graceful figure, has an arch supporting its simple rail and eaves, and a thin and long stone pillar used as a foundation stone.
Sarangchae, putting up Munhyeonsaega, Chunghyojeolui, and Baeksecheongpyung, has Jeontoe set up on the stone steps. In side of Sarangchae, through Ilgakmun can enter Anchae area. To come in Ilgakmun, must pass another middle gate. The large Anchae of “ㅡ” shape facing south is a open-mindedly divided house against the closed space of Gyeongbuk area, also it is bright and splendor. At the left side of Anchae is Araechae, at the backside is a family grave, Byeoldang, and Ansarangchae. Now, using the household furniture remaining the old cares, the old house of Jeong Yeochang is full of the clean dignity of Yangban house. This historic name of Jeong Yeochang’s old house was named Jeong Byeongho’s House after the house owner’ name at designated time. Specially, this was used as a filming place of TV drama Toji, after that here was widely known, now have frequent contacts with many visitors of cultural and historic place.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

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