Three-Level Stone Pagoda

Three-Level Stone Pagoda


in Byeoksongsa of Chusung-ri, Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Selection No.

National Treasure No. 474


Joseon Dynasty


This is a typical pagoda of the Silla with 3storied floor of Bang style on the double basemen. The fact that the built age is same with foundation of Byeoksongsa, namely in King Jungjong 15th year of the Joseon, draws attention. Speaking in detail, Jiboksuk is widely spreading in ground, Jidaesuk is put on a high in the center, and the mid-stone is set on this, also a thin jaw is arranged under the mid-stone. Here, each side has Uju and Taengju. The width of Gabsuk is narrow. The width of the lower jaw of mid-stone is the same size. The 4 edges in inclined upper sides of this Gabsuk have Uju. The mid-stone of upper stylobate is composed of one stone with Uju. And, this is divided into two by Teangju. This Gabsuk, a wide board has Buyeonin below, the inclined upper side shows reverse in Sau. In tower part Oksinsuk and Okgaesuk are composed of one stone each. In Oksin is thinly carved Uju. In Okgaesuk is excessively emphasized the reverse of Jeongak. As for the number of prop, the first and second floor is 4-storied stage and third floor is 3-storied stage. Sangryun Part remains Noban and Bokbal. That the first location of pagoda is not in front of sanctuary, but the backside of temple, is peculiar. Also this is a rare example of the Joseon pagoda, faithfully succeeding the style of Silla.

ISurrounded Tourist Attraction

Chilseongyegok (Valley) of Jirisan (1km), Hanshingyegok (Valley) (4km), Jirisan Natural Recreation Forest (5km)