Hamyang-gun Private Information Protection Policy

“Act on Private Information Protection of Public Institutions" presents general norms regarding handling private information. Hamyang-gun will handle private information collected and held according to the regulations of such act legally and properly for adequate performance of public services and protection of the residents' rights and benefits.
Also, Hamyang-gun, as defined by the relevant acts and regulations, respects the right such as claim for reading and correction regarding private information owned by us. And you may claim administrative adjudication regarding any infringement of statutory rights in accordance to the Law on Administrative Adjudication.

Private Information Protection on the Web Site

This is Hamyang-gun's Web Site. First of all, thank you for visiting our web site. We like to explain our policy of private information protection. Our policy is based on the current “Act on Private Information Protection of Public Institutions" and "the Guide for Private Information Protection of Public Institutions." The web sites operated by Hamyang-gun are as under listed. Without any additional description, we like to inform you