Sanglim, Hamyang

Sanglim, Hamyang


Unlim-ri and Daeduk-ri of Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun

Selection No.

Natural Monument No. 154


At the end of the Silla


Sanglim is a forest protecting the banks, located in Wicheon flowing down on the west of Hamyang. At Queen Jinseong of the Silla, Goun Choi Chiwon, the supervisor of Hamyang founded this forest. At that time, now Wicheonsu was flowing down in the center of Hamyang-eup and then the area was badly damaged by flood. Choi Chiwon built up bank and then the location of river changed like now. Planting tress through bank he made this forest, continuing up to now. At that time, this called by Daegwallim, and by preserving this well, was able fairly to block the damage of flood.
After that the middle of it was ruined, so it was divided Sanglim and Halim like now. Halim area with a settlement was destroyed. Some trees only are leaving the traces of it.
The total size is about 21Ha and the length is 1.6Km. Here is one of the longest artificial forests historically in Korea. The looks present a grand sight. In this thick forest are getting together 20.000 falling-leaved trees and broad-leaved trees of about 120 species. Here can appreciate the beauty of four seasons: the fresh green of spring, the shade of summer, the fall foliage, and the snowscape of winter. There is a waterway in the middle of forest. This can supply sufficient water in a drought and then always preserve the deep shade. Getting together with Ieunri Sukbul (Tangible Cultural Assets No. 32), Hamhwaru (Tangible Cultural Assets No. 258), Believer’ Tomb of Munchanghu Choe (Cultural Material No. 75), Chukhwabi (Cultural Material No. 264), and pavilions such as Saunjeong, and Choseonjeong, in addition Manse Monument and The monuments and Statues of patriots for Independence look better this forest. Also in forest is a lawn of about 3.000 pyeong, Dabyeoldang, which is outdoor playhouse, a space of cultural experience or rest for residents. Therefore here is a forest standing in the spotlight as the representative tourist attraction of Hamyang.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

Jeong Byeongho’s House (9km), Obongsan Mountain (9km), Prince Saejong Hannamgunmyo (0.5km)