Ginkgo Tree, Ungok-ri , Hamyang

Ginkgo Tree, Ungok-ri , Hamyang


Eunhaeng Village of Ungok-ri, Seoha-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Selection No.

Natural Monument No. 406




This tree was planted simultaneously with the beginning of Gingko village in Seoha-myeon and the age is presumed about 1000 years old. The height of this is 34m, and the circumference is 8.5m. Because of the Origin from this the name of village is calling by Eunhaengjeong. In 1972, was designated as a tree of Do and was preserved. After that this was changed into National designated Cultural Assets. According to tradition, though this is a big tree, it won’t bear fruit. And it was told that if a well under the tree is dug, it could bear fruit. However, digging a well was the reason drowned a calf or livestock in it.
So residents was unlucky this, and then filled up it. According to Pungsujiri, this village looks like a ship, here this gingko tree symbolize a mast. Therefore if this tree is broken, this village will meet with a misfortune, being conveyed. Residents in village perform a sacrificial rite at Jeongwol Jeongil once a year to wish peace and a good harvest. At first in the order of Ma, O, and Kim immigrated into this village. When these people dug a well and used it, a calf was drowned in it. And the well was filled up. However in the place a gingko tree started growing up strangely, being conveyed that the tree become now big tree. Under the Japanese rule, one day getting together the riches of this village, reached an agreement in cutting this tree and selling it. After that every night a sound that a bier is going out, was heard in village. Also the riches took part in discussion was sick or died with troubles and big disasters, being conveyed.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

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