Sageunsanseong (Fortress)

Sageunsanseong (Fortress)


in the back side of Sudong-myeon office, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Selection No.

Historical Landmark No. 152


Joseon Dynasty


Now, Sudong was the location of Sageunyeokwon in past. This fortress is in the backside of Yeonhawsan Mountain in Sudong-myeon. This is the gateway of Hamyang-gun, a corner passing from the west of Gyeongnam to Honam area. And this stands in the edge of national road between Geochang and Sancheong. A road linked to Hamyang-eup is separated at this. In the front of national road a stream is flowing down. In front of Sudong, this stream, flowing down to the south Namgang in Jinju, is the origin of Kyeongho River. Sageun fortress is an outside fortress of Hamyang and is important as way passing from south to north. During the age of the Three States, the location of Hamyang was a border of the Silla and the Baekje, and then is presumed as the trouble area of two nations. According to Dongkukyeojiseungram, in the fortress of Hamyang-gun the circumference of stone axle was 2.796 cheok and there were three ponds and a beacon lighthouse, being conveyed up to now. The shape exactly remains. In Kyeongsinyeon (1380) at the end of the Goryeo, Gammu Jang Gunchul was deprived of this fortress from Japanese army, after that this wasn’t taken care of. At King Seonjong of the Joseon, this seems to be rebuilt again. According to Hamyangeupji, Japanese army, defeating this, occupied Hamyang once, and then they rightly went into Honam. But at Namwon and Unbong Lee Seonggae destroyed totally them. Therefore, the importance of this area in past, as a border or troubled area of the Silla and the Baekje and a place annoyed by the invasion of Japanese army, can be guessed. According to the surveyed result for the fortress restoration, the girth is total 1.218m and the remaining axle is made by Eogeumssasgi in line with Pyeonpyung natural stones or manufactured stones. The condition of construction is very firm. The shape of origin fortress of about 4m remains well. Hence, here is a place to be expected project making a historic spot into a park.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

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