Three Storied Stone Pagoda of Seungansa Temple Site

Three Storied Stone Pagoda of Seungansa Temple Site

Three Storied Stone Pagoda of Seungansa Temple Site


San #10, Umyeong-ri, Sudong-myeon, Hamuyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. (Old site of Seungansa)

Selection No.

National Treasure No. 294


Goryeo Dynasty


Among various pagoda styles of the Goryeo, is a pagoda faithfully succeeding statue after the Silla and showing distinctive Goryeo style. The basement is consisted in a doubled layer and the lower stylobate is made up of 4 stones with engraving foundation stone, mid-stone, and flat stone in one stone. Mid-stone is high, in each face is sculptured Space and Tangju every a pole. The flat stone has a thin jaw and the prop in the upper side. The mid-stone of upper stylobate is composed of 4 stone sheets. And there are Buddha, Buddhist saint and Bicheonsang in every face dividing among Taengjus. Each 2 sculptures, namely all 8 sculptures are embossed. In the tower part are Oksinoga Okgaeseoks separated each other, and in the Oksin of each floor is thinly engraved Uju shape. Every a face of the Candle floor is caved Sacheonwangsang. Because Okgaeseok is thicker than Oksin, It is shown like a dull and heavy impression. The upper line of the eaves is nearly horizontal, but reverses appear in 4 points, having a steep inclination of falling face. The prop of Okgae is each a 4-storied stage and it is peculiar that under its eaves is a wide space. In Sangryun part remains Noban, Bokbal, Anghwa. The center of Bokbal is put around 2 Jodae Line. This pogoda was moved 2 times from the original spot to the other. In 1962 from the round Sari ball above Oksins in candle floor were discovered a Sari Box of cylinder type, Nokyu Sari Bottle, silk pieces and bag, beads. In the bag laid under Sari Box of cylinder type Mukseojungsugi, a Chinese paper written the contents of Jungsu in Hongchi 7th year (in King Seongjong 25th year of the Joseon: 1494) was found. These ornaments were presumed that used at that time.

Surrounded Tourist Attraction

Namgyeseowon (Confucian School) (2km), Sageunsanseong (Fortress) (4km), Anui Nongwoljeong (Pavilion) (7km), Anui Yongchugyegok (Valley) (10km), Jigok Jeong Byeongok’s House (5km)