Stone Seated Statue of Buddha,Gyosan-ri,Hamyang

Stone Seated Statue of Buddha, Gyosan-ri, Hamyang

Stone Seated Statue of Buddha, Gyosan-ri, Hamyang


in Hamyang Middle School of Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Selection No.

National Treasure No. 376


Goryeo Dynasty


This is now in Hamyang Middle School and a Stoned Buddha Sitting Statue of the Goryeo. Also this is a massive statue of more than 4m, including the height of the pedestal, but although this suffered the heavy damage by weathering, the magnificent impression is still shown. This statue has as a whole a heavily abraded face and damages of right hand, knee and some parts of pedestal. Due to the worn head part, we can’t distinguish the top point, but we are able to image the original shape through the intagliated eyebrow and thick lip and stout jaw. This presents a figure carved three lines in neck, wearing large clothes of Ugyeonpyeondan on round shoulder. Here, that the lines of clothes are parallel gathering and intagliated, is a technique often shown among statues at the early year of the Goryeo. This has something to do with a retreat of sculpture skill. Right arm is thick and big, but the broken hand seems to pose for Kangmachokjiin. Also the left hand unknown the shape seems to be Seonjeongin on the knee. The statue style wearing a Buddhist clothes of Ukeontongui and posing for Kangmachokjiin is presumed to be same type with a kinds of ironed Buddha statues in the early Goryeo such as Hwangju Chuljo Yeorae Sitting Statue or Chuljo Yeorae Sitting Statue found Botongsaji. In the square pedestal consisted of the upper, the mid, and the lower, the front and backside of the upper pedestal is broken but two axles are carved each 3 Bokhwayeonhwamun. Each face of mid-pedestal is arranged each 2 big Myeonsang. And Bokyeonjwa of lower pedestal remains relatively clear figure. This shape of pedestal is similar to Stoned Buddha Pedestal (Treasure No. 8) of Godalsaji. Specially, the sculpture of this lotus leave looks alike, drawing attention.

ISurrounded Tourist Attraction

Sanglim (1km), Jirisan Hanshingyegok (Valley) (34km), Jeong Byeongho’s House (9km)