Hamyang Forest Trail You may feel happiness walking on the forest trail of Peace, Resting and Healing.

Hamyang Forest Trail

Walking Travel on Hamyang Forest Trail

The most important thing for human life is health, not wealth, not honor, not even family. Walking is the most effective for health preservation. However, because of today's well developed transportation system, we don't even walk in our own neighborhoods. Therefore, many walking areas have disappeared, while our bodies are getting weaker and weaker.
In Hamyang, there are many forests with great trails so that one can walk along the old routes, and becoming one with nature to maintain health and find a way to ease your minds.
Visit Hamyang and forget about all our daily mental difficulties, such as your complicated annoying city life, soothe your body and soul in the peace provided by the beauty of nature.
In Hamyang, you can taste and enjoy various herbs, fruits and vegetables from Jirisan and Deogyusan Mountain as well as lotus and sturgeon. And you may feel happiness while walking on the forest trail of peace, resting and healing your mental and physical parts of your body.

Hamyang Southern Expedition

Hamyang Southern Expedition
Course Name Course Description Distance Est. Time
Course 1 : Hamyang-eup Castle Mountain Trail Centered with the great forest (upper and lower forest), one can visit many cultural places and forests around Hamyang-eup to learn the history and traditional life in Hamyang Area. 14km Approx. 6 Hours
Course 2 : Halgaemi Lane The lane guides to villages and famous places with long history in the area to lean more about the past of Hamyang. 12km Approx. 4 Hours
Course 3 : Sambongsan Forest Trail This course is the combination of mountain climbing and forest walk roads started in rocky road in O Bong Mt. following the forest path in the middle area of Sambongsan . 13km Approx. 4.5 Hours
Course 4 : Mountain Maeul Lane From Sanglim Resting Place's grass lawn park, via visiting many apple and fruit farms in Ung Gok and Dun Gi area, you may feel the life in mountain village waling on the course. 14km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 5 : Sun Nyeo Ha Gang Expedition Road Starting from Dang Heung in Macheon and following the road to the village, there is Seonyujeong which is believed to be the origin of the famous Korean traditional story of the lumberjack and the fallen angel. The road is connected through the clean area in Jirisan Natural Recreation Forest and Yeongwonsa (a Buddhist temple) to Gunja Maeul over Sangmujuam. This course is relatively rough. 13km Approx. 6 Hours
Course 6 : Baekmuchuseong Narrow Path This course, started in Baekmudong, is the toughest forest trail to walk. Across thick forests, the course is connected to Chilseongyegok (Valley), and then, leads to Odojae (Pass) via narrow paths between rocks crossing temples and villages. 14.5km Approx. 6.5 Hours
Course 7 : Eumcheongyegok (Valley) Forest Trail Starting from Yongyudam, the place with many myths, the course is believed to be the roads that lead to many of the ascetics who walked along the forest and clear water going across the valleys. 14.6km Approx. 6 Hours
Course 8 : Beophwasan Mountain Trail The course leads directly to Beophwasan located at the center of Hyucheon-myeon. It is a typical forest trail crossing rich forest along the rugged mountain path enjoying clean air and great views. 16.8km Approx. 6.5 Hours
Course 9 : Eumcheon Riverside Road Coming down to the riverside from Hamheojung, the course leads to prehistoric places and continues to Jujagyeongdang in Yupyeong, Oh clan's ancestor tomb in Hoedong and the place of Zelkova Tree Myth in Hwachon. 13km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 10 : Hwajangsan Mountain Trail From Yurim-myeon and crossing Hwachon, the course leads the walking to visit the place with great scenery well known as the location of Gangseon Rock story and the fishing spot of Sir Mokeun. 16.5km Approx. 6 Hours

Hamyang Jungbu Expedition

Hamyang Jungbu Expedition
Course Name Course Description Distance Est. Time
Course 1 : Seowon Culture Expedition Road Seowon is a lecturing place for high level Confucian studies during Joseon Dynasty in Korea. The course visits 5 of 7 Seowons in Hamyang providing great opportunity to learn more on ancient Korean Confucian scholars. 12.5km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 2 : Apple Country Expedition Road Walking along the course, one can visit villages growing high quality apples and experience mountain farming life. 13.6km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 3 : Country Maeul Lane Especially during autumn, many apples clung to the trees in apple farms decorate the course beautifully. It cannot be compared to other country roads. Also, the pine forest produces fresh air to refresh walkers on the lane. 14.2km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 4 : Gaepyeong Forest Trail Walking on the course of forest trail, one can see many trees and forests; old trees in front of Buya Mauel, the Pine forest close to Cho Seungsuk's grave in Deokgok and Willows on the water stream at the North side of Changchon Maeul through the forest in Cheongam Park. 14.7km Approx. 4.5 Hours
Course 5 : Hannam-gun's Exile Road According to stories, the course is the road along which Hannam-gun ('-gun' is the title given to brother or close male family members of kings) was exiled as the guilty to a province far from the capital. The course is started at Noegyegyo passing Won Mountain to be reached to the road to Okhwang Mauel. 14.5km Approx. 6.5 Hours
Course 6 : Ecological Maeul Mountain Trail This course is a suitable for easy walking from the village where Teacher Noegye used to live leading to Daebyeong Maeul and Jukjang after stoping Gurojeong Wolam Maeul and Mountain Ecological Village in Mapyeong. 11.5km Approx. 4 Hours
Course 7 : Sturgeon and Thesium Road Started from forest area, the course is connected to special farming places growing Sturgeon and Thesium. There are many great views and places to feel the deep forest atmosphere during the course. 15km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 8 : Baegunsan Valley Path Around the end of Silla Dynasty, Choi Chiwon, the well known scholar not only in Silla but in China as well, established a small temple in the middle of the Baegunsan Mountain , to pray for his mother named "Sangyeondae." Following the course, one can visit the temple while enjoying colorful leaves in the Autumn. 12.3km Approx. 4.5 Hours

Hamyang Northern Expedition

Hamyang Northern Expedition
Course Name Course Description Distance Est. Time
Course 1 : Anui Hyanggyo Mountain Trail The course has a trail around Anui to visit historical places and experience country life styles. Especially, during the course, one can visit Hyanggyo, a provincial education system in Joseon Dynasty, and a mountain life experience school to learn more about the area's historical and geographical characteristics. 14.3km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 2 : Yongchugyegok (Valley) Walking Path This course allows the visitors to walk comfortably through various old forests with several hundred year old Pine trees. Also, a spectacular view of the valley in Shimjindong adds the excitement to the working path. 14.3km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 3 : Gwansulryeong Road The road used to be an additional route connecting Aneui and Geochang. However, after opening new roads, the road became isolated. There are not many forests on the road. But, the road provides simple and quiet country atmosphere during the walk. 16km Approx. 6 Hours
Course 4 : Baraegijae Walking Path This lane is another isolated road which even not many locals in Hamyang or Anui area walked on. However, This lane is a great choice to lean about country life around Anui area and many stories on Baraegijae, Gangdae's tomb, and the myth of Okryeong as well. 16.3km Approx. 5.5 Hours
Course 5 : Seonbi Culture Expedition Road The road started from Anui Yullim and connected to Geoyeonjeong (Pavilion) via Hwangamsa (Temple) is established by Hamyang-gun as Seonbi Culture Expedition Road. The course visits the most famous place of pavilion culture, in which the old scholars or Seonbis used to discuss on their studies. 12.5km Approx. 4.5 Hours
Course 6 : Ppaeppaejae Road This road is a kind of mountain climbing course, which started with walking up to Noejeon Maeul and connected to PpaeppaeJae via Ice Valley, Banjeong Maeul and Youngyudam. 14.5km Approx. 5 Hours
Course 7 : Nogeosu Forest Trail Seosang where the course circles is a human inhabited area for a long time from Silla Dynasty. Therefore, many stories and historical places showing the evidences of brave lives facing a hard mountain environment can be found in the area while walking on the course. 16.1km Approx. 5.5 Hours
Course 8 : Volunteer Army General Birthplace Road Starting at Seosang-myeon Office the course follows the old road toward South Deogyusan Mountain. On the course, many fruit farms and highland vegetable fields can be found to learn about the country life in the area as well as Volunteer Army General's activities along with his love of the country. 16km Approx. 5.5 Hours