An opportunity is provided to visitors to experience daily lives in Korean traditional houses to emphasize as new tourism resource along with local cultural places as a part of Hamyang-gun's promotion to be revisited.
Improvement of local residents' community spirit and cooperation through participation of the event.

Korean Traditional House Experience

Event Outline

  • Period : Once per Each Winter (for 2 Nights and 3 Days)
  • Place : Gaepyeong Village, Jigok-myeon
  • Hosted By : Hamyang-gun (Supervision: Gaepyeong Village Council)
  • Visitor : 65 Persons (50 persons from Korean Traditional House Cultural Center and 15 students from Jigok Elementary School)
  • Suppor t: Korean Traditional House Cultural Center (Director: Shin, Young-hun, located in Seoul)

Event Program

  • Traditional Food Cooking
  • Book Making using Wood Printing Blocks
  • Understanding of Korean Traditional House and Korean Culture. Local Village Tour
  • Seasonal Custom Play (Moon-House Firing)
  • Visiting Famous Places (Sanglim Park & Namgyeseowon(Confucian School))

Promotion Measure

  • Experiencing Activity Environment Establishment: Gyepyeong Village, Hamyang-gun
  • Student Gathering and Activity Guide: Korean Traditional House Cultural Center