Chilseongyegok (Valley) is often expressed with all kinds of flowery words, for it is boasting its best beauty in Jirisan Mountain. It is one of three valleys in Korea with Cheonbuldonggyegok (Valley) in Seoraksan Mountain and Tamlagyegok (Valley) of Hallasan Mountain.

It represents the valley of Jirisan Mountain, rough features of mountain, beautiful scenery, and it has the last premeval forest in Jirisan Mountain. In here, seven waterfalls and thirty three swamps that spread 18 km from the peak, Cheonwangbong to makr magnificent panorama of nature.

It especially has a lot of names that zymbolize women, and it is also called the "Death Valley", for having deep and steep valleys when getting into deeper. That's why many people want to climb the Chilseongyegok (Valley) when visiting Jirisan Mountain, but they can't. Chilseon in winter requires high class skills og climbing because even professional mountaineers often have winter ice ridge training in Chilseongyegok (Valley) before climbing abroad such as Himalaya.

In case of general climbing, people avoid the route toward Cheonwangbong Peak underneath the Valley even in summer, they climb up to the Cheonwangbong Peak by the other routes and choose the Chilseongyegok (Valley) when climbing down. The total length of valley is 18km, but the climbing course is 14km from Chuseongdong to Cheonwangbong Peak.

Going straight along the climbing road at Chuseong Village, we can easily miss Yongso, the first place to meet in Chilseongyegok (Valley). There is a sign to Yongso, but it is too far from climbing road. Yongso is located 500m going up from the valley, and it has been known as the place that the pig was put in when having ritual for spirit of mountain.

Going up about 2km along the valley reaches Duji-dong, and climbing road is separated from the valley road. Usually climbing road is used, and Duji-dong was named that the shape of the village looked like Duji(a container that fills foods).

Going more along the thick-bushed forest, the sound of water vaguely comes from below and we can meet a wide rock, this is the Mangbawi, the scenic rest area. From here, the wildest climbing course that we've ever imagined continues from Chuseong-dong to Seonnyeotang, the 4km spot.

Seonnyotang, where seven Seonnyeo (Korean Fairy) came down from heaven and bathed in legend, but now it is too humble filled with rocks and sands, we can't imagine this is really the bathing place for Seonnyo.

The legends of the Seonnyeotang is handed down as fairytale that a bear which loved Seonnyeo and a musk deer which helped her are appearing.

Passing Seonnyeotang a little, there comes a big swamp about 300m2 and smooth, flat rock, this is Oknyeotang, the best beautiful place in Chilseongyegok (Valley).

Climbing cautiously on the cliff, Biseondam greets us as different angle. We can enjoy the full taste of valley climbing here.

Climbing is getting rough with steeper cliff, and from here we can see the waterfalls that enhances the beauty of Chilseongyegok (Valley). The water spouts that Chilseon Waterfalls symbolizing Chilseongyegok (Valley) pour out is the scenic masterpiece, literally.

The chilling waterspouts of Daeryuk Watrefalls and Samcheong Waterfalls that are just good as Chilseon Waterfalls and rough climbing roads are continued to the place where the water meets that flowed from Cheonwangbong, Jungbong and Habong Peak. There are three waterfalls around here so it is called as the "valley of Waterfalls".

From here, climbing up along the rocky road, rough routes are continued and we can't see any beautiful scene of valleys.

Along the thick bush, Ma Waterfall appears that two white splashed water stream combine as one. Its vertical height from Cheonwangbong Peak is about 500m, and distance is 3km, and this is the spot where the water streams between Cheonwangbong and Jungbong Peak meet the water stream beneath Tongcheonmun.

Leaving the last two-way water stream, climbing road continues to Cheonwangbong Peak. We can't see any valley, nor find any drop of water from here. However, 3km route to Cheonwangbong Peak is the last premeval forest area, so it has peculiar flavor. Fir trees, Korean white pines as well as uncommon trees harmonizing with each other arouse dark, gloomy atmosphere of forest, and aroma of alpine plants incites our nose, the thick mosses on the rocks and trees are very impressive.

Passing the steep rocky road of 60-70° and huge trees fallen down across the road, we can feel the true taste of Jirisan climbing. Going up along the steep road that levels to the sky, soon huge trees disappear and Cheonwangbong Peak reveals its feature with as well as azaleas appear.

When reaching Cheonwangbong Peak with going through the roughness and the beauty of Chilseongyegok (Valley), we can feel the magnificence of Cheonwangbong Peak, which never cries even if heaven cries. The best course that can feel the greatness of Cheonwangbong Peak is Chilseongyegok (Valley) course.



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