• Location : Baekjeon-myun & Seoha-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Beonam-myeon, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Altitude: 1,279m


There are plenty of mountains named "Baegunsan (White Clouds)". Of all, the mountain of having its name "white clouds" value is the Baegunsan of Hamyang. It has high peak of over 1,000m, and the view from the peck is uncompetitive.
The famous mountains of all southern provinces are seen at a glance with all directions. From Nogodan to Cheonwangbong Peak, the panorama of Jirisan Mountain of southern skyline is almost compassion over the state of affection.
The figure of Banyabong Peak is too clear that almost embarrassed. At the end of the north there is Deogyusan and beyond it spread Hwangseoksan, Geomangsan, Wolbongsan Mountain. Geumwonsan and Gibaeksan Mountain are seen from near, and far away there are glimpse of Gayasan and Hwangmaesan Mountain northeast bound. It is famous for autumn reeds with Baegunsan and Daebongsan Mountain, both shaped like wings eastbound, and it faces with Jangansan Mountainof Jangsu-gun westbound.

Climbing Course

Of all the way to Baegunsan Mountain, it is the most representative way to climb the north ridgeline at Iljumun of Yongchusa to the peak of Baegunsan Mountain. The best way to go down is to go to Geumwonsan Mountain and climb down Yongchugyegok (Valley) through Sumakryung, but the distance to Geumwonsan Mountain is three kilometers and there is another way to climb down passing Geumwonsan Mountain through Yongchugyegok (Valley), but it's also a detour course so if you don't have enough time just select the several downhill courses of left and right side of the ridge.
  1. Course 1 (3 hours)
    Daebang Village - Mukgyeam - Sangryeondae - Jungbong Peak - Peak - Yongso - Baegunam - Daebang Village
  2. Course 2 (3hours)
    BbaeBbaejae(Wontongjae) - Ridgeline - Peak- Baegunam
  3. Course 3 (3hours)
    Daebang Village - Mukgyeam - Sangryeondae - Jungbong Peak - Peak - East Ridgeline - Hwagwawon - Yongso-Baegunam

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Forest, Geoyeonjeong (Pavilion), Donghojeong (Pavilion), Nongwoljeong (Pavilion)