• Location : Seoha-myeon Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsansnam-do
  • Altitude : Hwangseoksan-1,190m


Hwangseoksan Mountain is rocky mountain that risen southbound of Namdeogyusan, and it is located at the end of the four mountains-Gibaeksan, Geumwonsan, Geomangsan, and wangseoksan-that extended from Beakdudaegan range. The peaks which risen like sharp dagger looks clearly from Deogyusan. In autumn, the endless fields of reed on the ridgeline spread from Geomangsan to Hwangseoksan Mountain are magnificent.
There is the famous Yongchugyegok (Valley) between Geumwonsan and Gibaeksan Mountain.
Hwangseoksansung (Fortress) is a very important historic castle that symbolizes constancy and fidelity of the people in Anui-myeon and Seoha-myeon of Hamyang-gun. At Jeongyujaeran, the people who fought against Japanese to the last were killed when the castle was collapsed, and women threw their body from a thousand-kilometer cliff. Still the rocky cliff of north Hwangseoksan Mountain is spread with blood. The pavilion near the castle is famous, Nongwoljeong, Donghojeong, Geoyeonjeong, and Gunjajeong represent the culture of pavilion in Korea.

Climbing Course

  1. Course 1 (6 Hours)
    Woojeon Village at Seoha-myeon West Gate of Hwangseoksansung (Fortress) - Hwangseoksan (Mt.) - Geomangsan (Mt.) - Yongchusa Iljumun
  2. Course 2 (4 and 1/2 hours)
    Yongchusa Iljumun - Sapyeongbungyo, Peak of Geomangsan - Hwangseoksan (Mt.) - Seoha Woojeon Village

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Yongchusa (Temple), Yongchu Waterfall, Nongwoljeong (Pavilion), Suseungdae Park (Geochang)



  • Hwangseoksan
  • Hwangseoksan
  • Hwangseoksan