Sanglim Park One of the oldest afforestation in Korea.

Sanglim Park


  • Designated Number: Natural Monument No. 154
  • Designated Date: 12. 3rd in 1962
  • Location: Daedeok-ri, Unlim-ri, Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun
  • Scale: Size 21ha (Length 1.6km, Width 80-200m)
  • Period: Queen Jinseong of the Silla


Sanglim is one of the oldest afforestation in Korea known as to be established by Choi Chiwon, the most famous scholar in Silla Dynasty, during his terms as the mayor of Cheollyeong-gun.


Sanglim is a forest, protecting Wicheon River in the west of Hamyang-eup. At Queen Jinseong, Choi Chiwon, governor of Hamyang founded it.
At that time Wicheon River flew down in the center of Hamyang-eup, and then this area was badly damaged by flood. He built a bank, changed the water route of it like now.
Also he built a bank in the riverside, planted trees through it and set up a forest, continuing till now. At that time this forest was called by Daegwallim.
By preserving this well was able fairly to block the damage of flood. After that the middle of it was ruined, so it was divided Sanglim and Halim like now. Halim area with a settlement was destroyed.
Now some trees only are leaving the traces of it. Just Sanglim is well preserving the shape of the old days. Here is one of the oldest artificial forests historically in Korea. Now, this place plays roles such as an ornamental forest, a recreation forest and a studying space to research plants growing in forest


Sanglim's beauty is spread all year round. Spring's young and light green, heavy and deep summer forest, autumn's colorful chroma and white snow's quietness in winter. The forest is really wonderful, especially during the summer months, when you can relax and lie down under the trees and refresh yourself. Also, the trail in the forest of Sanglim provides the place to share your effection between families and lovers.
Sanglim is populated with approximately 120 different kinds of trees in its more than 198 square meters and along the 1.6 km long bank providing a great place for children's education of nature.


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