Great 8Sceneries of Hamyang

You can see the great 8sceneries of Hamyang.
Green mountains & Clear Water!!
Come to beautiful Hamyang.

  • 제1경 상림의 사계

    Scenery 1Sanglim Four Seasons

    The seasonal views of Sanglim, the oldest artificial forest in Korea.

  • 제 2경 금대지리

    Scenery 2Geumdaejiri

    The magnificent view of Jirisan Mountain in front of Geumdae

  • 제 3경 용추비경

    Scenery 3 Yongchu's extraordinary view

    The extraordinary views of Yongchugyegok(Valley)and Gibeaksan Mountain

  • 제 4경 화림풍류

    Scenery 4Hwarimpungnyu

    Great natural views making perfect harmonies with old scholars' study dens: Nongwoljeong , Donghojeong, Geoyeonjeong (Pavilion) and Cheonggyeseowon with valley views of Namgyeseowon(Confucian School).

  • 제 5경 칠선시류

    Scenery 5Chilseonshiryu

    Jirisan's Chilseonshiryu(valley)makes a great and unique scene in combination of mountain and fast flowing water stream.

  • 제 6경 서암석불

    Scenery 6Seoamseokbul (Stone Buddha)

    Quiet sceneries with Amazing Buddha statues in the old Buddhist temples in the mountains: Byeoksongsa and Seoamjeongsa (Temple).

  • 제 7경 덕유운해

    Scenery 7Deogyuwonhae

    Mysterious and magnificent Cloud Sea under South Deogyusan Mountain.

  • 제 8경 대봉철쭉

    Scenery 8Daebongcheoljjuk

    Beautiful spring scene made by endlessly long connected Azalea blossoms from Baegunsan Mountain to Daebongsan Mountain.